What is double cleansing?

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Let me introduce you to double cleansing and all the reasons, why you should do it.

This method came all the way from korea as so many other beauty regimen tips. I tried and tested it for several years myself and wouldn’t go back again.

What is double cleansing?

Actually it is quite easy to explain, instead of cleansing once, you do it twice. The first cleanser is most of the times a cleansing balm or a liquid oil cleanser. The second one can be any mild sort of cleanser.

The first cleansing step cleanses your face from any make up you wore. The oil in this cleanser makes sure to dissolve really everything, even waterproof make up. It is crucial not to use just cleansing wipes, these tissues will get the superficial “dirt” from you face, but they cannot get all the grime off. This is especially important for oily skin types. Oil dissolves oil and gets the pores clean again.

I like to use this balm from Banila Co., which is also available in other options (purifying, revitalizing, nourishing). As soon you massage the balm onto your dry face, you’ll see the make up dissolve. It doesn’t sting in the eyes, which is a big plus! After adding a bit of water it gets milky. You can either massage a bit more for better blood circulation or just rinse with water.

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You could also try coconut oil for a start. And don’t get scared about the oil clogging your pores! You will wash off the residue with the second step.

This second cleansing step preps your skin for skincare products and makes it a blank canvas. Try just the first cleansing step and wipe your face with a tissue, I asure you, that the tissue will still show some leftover grime. But the dirt doesn’t have to be visible. Sunscreen, for example, is known to be quite long lasting and needs some extra help to get rid of. Be sure to use a mild cleanser to not irritate your skin too much.

As a second cleanser I would recommend the cleansing stick from Neogen. It is convenient for travel, because it is solid. You apply it on your damp face and then lather it up. Washing off is easy, no residue is left.

Why you should do this

  • products work better on a thouroughly cleansed skin

  • all bacteria, sebum, dirt, leftover products are eliminated and don’t breed overnight

  • you will get clearer skin in the long run

This method is a bit more time consuming, I know. But keep in mind that you would only need to do it in the evening. In the morning a normal cleanse or just a rinse with water is enough. Thourghout the day though, we sweat, get oily, have products applied on our skin, which we need to take off. Not to mention all the little particles flying in the air from pollution.

Are you already double cleansing? What are your thoughts on this method?