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Everyday Beauty Perks

Welcome to my beauty blog

Finally! My first post went online. :)

I am so happy that I took this step and hope that I can contribute a bit to the beauty community.

Things you need to know about this blog:

  • I am not a professional, all of the information on this blog I gathered myself and are my personal opinions. I try to give you an inside of what I do, like, crave. But keep in mind that every skin is different.

  • My passion for beauty started over 15 years ago. I love korean beauty, but have also a lot of other products in my collection. Starting from a skincare line of a brand new german start up over organic/vegan beauty to pharmacy brands.

  • In case you wonder, I have combination skin. My nose gets dry and flakey easily, the t-zone is mostly oily and the rest is quite dry.

  • Keep an eye out for a new post every week. (Subscribe for the newsletter, so you won’t miss out.)

  • All of the pictures are made by myself.

If you want to know more about me, click the button beside:

So far you can check out my first post about my morning routine.

Enjoy and see you in a week! :)