The essence that started it all

The First Treatment Essence

from Missha

The first treatment essence from Missha started my korean skincare journey. It is safe to say: this little guy and I have history. But there are some questions we need to answer before:

What is an essenc and why you should do this extra step in your routine.

What is an essence?

It is lightweight and is often very watery. So it is comparable to a toner in texture. The ingredients and performance on the skin is more like a serum, meaning it targets problems as dehydration, aging, etc. Although the concentration is not as potent as a serum, due to its ingredients and molecules.

Recently, new essences, toners and serums are on the market, which are very similar to each other. The lines between them are blurring further and further. You can find gel like serums and toners. Aswell as thicker essences. This can be very confusing, just make sure that you go from lightest to thickest texture when incorporating any of these products into your routine.

Why should I use an essence?

As I said before it is something like a hybrid between serum and toner. Why should you do this extra step?

You can add it into your routine if you want something extra. You can choose an anti-aging, hydrating or blemish battling essence to further tailor your routine to your specific needs. And this is something I like about skincare in general, you have the choice to build your own system and try out what works for you. So you get the most out of every routine.

Also, an essence doesn’t need much time to absorb into your skin, so it will literally take you less than a minute.

The First Treatment Essence

The brand missha is a popular korean brand. Their range contains skincare and make up.

The essence itself is said to be a dupe to the more pricey SKII essence (which currently reatils for 188,00USD at

The Main ingredients:

  • 80% fermented yeast extract

    • gives you hydrate, smooth moisturized skin

    • highly concentrated

  • Niacinamide

    • also known as Vitamin B3

    • helps with clogged pores

    • fills up fine lines

  • Propanediol

    • moisturizer

    • soothes the skin

How to use it

Just pour a bit into the palm of your hands and pat it onto your face. The texture is the same as water and therefore it will absorb really fast. The patting motion draws blood circulation to the skincells, which gives you a rosy fresh glow.

This extra step in your routine doesn’t take long, but you will see a difference within a few days. The skin feels hydrated, plump and fresh. I also use it as a treatment for pimples. I just drench a q-tip in the essence and apply it onto the forming pimple a few times a day. It doesn’t make it go away, but it speeds up the whole process.

After the first days of use, I saw little pimples coming to the surface, but after one week my skin cleared up again. Only the bacteria beneath the skin came up faster to the surface, because of this product. So keep that in mind, when you experience a similar reaction.

Have you ever tried this essence or any essence of that matter? Please let me know in the comments.